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Motherboard Repairs

Save your device and your money and fix that damaged motherboard today.

repairing damaged motherboard in inland empire


A motherboard serves as the single platform to connect all parts of an expandable system.

It holds and allows communication between crucial electronic components of a system (CPU, hard drives, etc.) either directly or via cables.


The motherboard is the backbone of a system. It brings components together and allows them to function effectively with each other.

When the motherboard is damaged, the pieces are unable to interact with one another effectively.


  • Device doesn't power on or charge (even after replacing battery and charge port)
  • Device overheats
  • Loss of any functionality such as speaker button, call audio, voice record
  • Might only be able to use phone through bluetooth


Motherboard damage are most common in iPhones but could happen to any device. Yet, most repair shops don’t offer services to repair motherboards — not even Apple.

Motherboard repairs aren’t impossible to fix, but Big Names would rather have customers spend money on an entirely new device instead of fixing the core issue (which is cheaper for you). Plus, a lot of device repair shops don’t offer motherboard repairs, so you now have to spend more time and more money fixing the actual issue. Here’s how a typical motherboard inspection could go:

Having issues on the device?

Take device to repair shop

Learned the issue is with motherboard

Get motherboard fixed

Our professional suggestion: Get the phone diagnosed and figure out if it’s worth repairing or not. Water damage to the motherboard is an issue we don’t always recommend repairing. However, if you need to retrieve priceless information like photos, docs, and the like, we will attempt to retrieve the data.

Common issues start at $100, but prices vary. Ask about our prices!

motherboard technician inland empire

Our dedicated motherboard technician has the expertise, technology, and time needed to get the job done and get it done right. The technician will find what needs to be replaced, what needs to reballed, where the short is, and any other issue. Your Chromebook, phone, or other device will be working again in no time.


Repairing a damaged motherboard could save you money, time, and stress. That’s why Right There Repair is excited to offer motherboard repair services to communities within the Inland Empire.

  • Businesses such as SCHOOL DISTRICTS that utilize Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices for educational purposes benefit from this service. Instead of getting rid of the device or recycling “working” parts, the problem might actually be fixable, saving you resources.

  • This is also ideal for REPAIR SHOPS that are unable to offer motherboard repairs. Instead of shipping your customer’s device out to some random third-party company, increasing turnaround and fees, you can work with us and help surrounding communities.

  • INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS who suspect their device has a motherboard issue can also bring it to any Right There Repair shop. Don’t spend money on an entirely new device! Save money and let our guys troubleshoot the issue so you can spend only what needs to be fixed.

motherboard repairs for inland empire schools

Right There Repair is proud to be

one of the only device repair shops in the Inland Empire

with a dedicated motherboard technician on-site

for businesses and individual device users!


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