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For Educational Technology

We at Right There Repair are proud to partner with local school districts and insurance programs to serve your students’ Chromebook.

Most students today receive a Chromebook computer for educational purposes. Ask your students’ school district about an insurance plan in case of any damage or loss.

Right There Repair and School Device Coverage have worked together, repairing devices for over half a dozen local school districts for over four years. One of the most crucial components of a 1:1 educational technology device program is the speed and quality of the repair process for damaged devices. A slow turnaround rate or inadequate repair will reduce customer satisfaction and erode the overall strength of the program. School Device Coverage puts its trust in Right There Repair, who have proven time and again that they are a trusted and incredibly valuable partner.

Right There Repair’s availability and responsiveness make working together easy and enjoyable. Their integrity and accountability have helped make the School Device Coverage insurance program the Gold Standard for the districts with whom we work.

For Parents

Chromebooks are the way of the future classroom. These small laptops may be simple, but they have opened new doors for the world of education.

From typing and basic computer skills to interactive educational apps, students have access to a new and relevant way of learning. That’s why school districts entrust them with a Chromebook for educational purposes both at school and at home.

Though at first glance, this modern approach to schooling may seem free of complications, you might have at least one concern. You know that your student tends to drop things, leave things, and often spill things on other things. And so, the prospect of them owning such fragile technology might be cause for concern. That’s why most school districts offer an insurance plan for students’ Chromebooks. For a small fee, you’ll receive peace of mind in case of an inevitable accident. In other words, when your student’s Chromebook breaks, you’ll get it fixed for free! And that’s where we come in.

Right There Repair and School Districts

We at Right There Repair have partnered with several school districts for their Chromebook insurance programs.

If an insured student faces malfunctioning technology, we’ll take care of it. And with extensive experience with Chromebooks, we are prepared to address whichever mishaps they might face. Plus, we provide consistent, scheduled pickups and dropoffs for our local school districts to ensure speedy turnaround rates.

Check with your school district to see if your student can be enrolled in the 1:1 Insurance Program for coverage. This will cover not only damages that we repair but also loss and theft with no deductibles and unlimited claims.

Not Insured? We can still help! We have repaired thousands of Chromebook devices for many local school districts and are prepared to serve yours at a fair price.

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For Educational Technology