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Right There Repair: Looking for a phone repair shop near you? We won’t say we’re the best, but we can show you

phone repair shop near you phone repair shop near you

TL;DR: We specialize in fixing broken phones, laptops, and other devices. Did we mention we also have a 1-day turnaround? Bring in your broken device and we’ll repair it within 24 hours!

The History of the Traveling Van-Turned-Workshop

With Right There Repair, we wouldn’t say we’re the new kids in town — we’re probably the old new kids in town. But we’re still just as excited about our services now as we were almost 6 years ago when we first started Right There Repair!

Between the team, there was a unique, collaborative passion for troubleshooting device issues with the desire to provide outstanding customer service. That’s one of the main reasons we decided to make repairs wherever our customers were. With a traveling van-turned-workshop device repair business, we made our repair shop easily accessible.

See, while van-turned-workshop might sound a bit much, the concept proved effective! With a traveling repair shop, we could meet the customers wherever it was most convenient for them — whether it be at their homes, in coffee shops, even acting as ‘roadside assistance’ for phones, if need be. In the van, we had access to every tool that we needed to create a functional workspace so we can assist clients wherever they were. And this concept of mobile repairs sparked our choice in names, Right There Repair, because we’re right where you need us, right when you need us.

From Mobile to Stationary — Not Once, Not Twice, but Three Times!

The name Right There Repair would soon spearhead what would be multiple Right There Repair shops throughout the Inland Empire! While the trendy vanlife approach to iPhone repair and other device repair services was effective and received a lot of support from customers, our trio began to receive inquiries about some who were interested in a physical Right There Repair location. As a result, the team found it necessary to invest in a physical shop for customers to visit — something tangible, grounded, and worthy of popping up on a big search engine like Google.

With the success of the mobile service, we moved into two locations — one shop in Jurupa Valley and the second in Perris. No wheels, no filling up the tank! Just a device repair shop with windows, a roof, and neighboring businesses to support! This move from traveling to stationary improved the team’s efficiency by allowing us to assist more clients in a single day than what was previously possible with the van.

In-Store or Remotely, Right There Repair Is Ready to Fix Your Device

Today, Right There Repair has a total of 3 locations, with the newest shop being located in Moreno Valley. We’re excited to fix damaged iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices with technical excellence, expertise, and impeccable customer service. Come visit any of our shops for quick and convenient device repair services today!

We also are happy to offer B2B mobile device repair services. For businesses who need the convenience of a service that comes to you, we also offer our mobile B2B service with no extra travel service fee so your employees can get their devices fixed no matter where your office is located! We’re happy to serve the Inland Empire…one damaged-to-repaired device at a time!


We’re a device repair shop that services iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and more. From cracked screens to broken charge ports, we’ve got your device covered, no matter what it is. Schedule an appointment or stop by for a quick walk-in repair!


Right There Repair announces grand opening for third device repair shop located in Moreno Valley

From mobile workshop to two brick-and-mortar stores, the successful and trendy device repair shop, Right There Repair, has recently expanded into the city of Moreno Valley, a dynamic community located in the Inland Empire of Southern California

Inland Empire, Calif., November 2020 — What began as a traveling workshop for device service shop, Right There Repair, has now turned into the grand opening of the company’s third device repair shop in Moreno Valley. The concept of mobile repairs sparked the company name, with the founders having the competitive advantage of being able to make repairs wherever their customers were, whether that would mean meeting at customers’ homes or in coffee shops to repair their devices.

With the Right There Repair business established and thriving, the company founders made it their aim to continue to repair devices with a one-day turnaround for an additional competitive edge. And it worked! With clients consistently describing the company as “fast,” “friendly,” and “great,” Right There Repair experienced substantial success from their mobile repair service and soon found it necessary to establish a physical, stable location for locals who wanted the presence of a tangible device repair shop. With two locations in Jurupa Valley and Perris, the company has now set up a third device repair service in Moreno Valley. “Having a physical location improves the team’s efficiency,” the website explains. “It allows us to assist far more clients in a single day than what was previously possible [in the van].”

In its soft opening, the Moreno Valley Right There Repair shop (along with the other two locations in Jurupa and Perris) presented several special offers as a token of appreciation for all who have supported the company from the mobile days up until now. The company offered a $5 discount from any iPhone case, a free tempered glass screen protector with any repair, in addition to discounted repair services for iPhones ranging in model 6 to 11. “We’re committed to high-quality, same-day repair so you can return to the connection you need,” the website says. “From a cracked screen to a broken charge port, we’ve got you covered.”

Located off Alessandro Boulevard in Suite H, this recent addition to the Right There Repair family will serve residences of Moreno Valley with the same high-quality, fast, and personalized service that the two other locations offer. “Our services are the same,” says the founders. “We repair iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, and computers with technical excellence and impeccable customer service.” The company prides itself on: being able to repair almost any electronic device; carrying all the newest accessories that go hand-in-hand with the latest gadgets at the most competitive prices; providing services to enhance home, office, or business security; offering help with the overall electronic experience.

The Right There Repair team invites MoVal residences to stop by the newest location for quick and convenient device repair services, or just to say hello. But this invitation isn’t limited to only those who reside in Moreno Valley. Anyone who is interested in showing their support to the newly-expanded MoVal shop is invited to drive by and show their support. The company accepts scheduled appointments and walk-ins!