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2020/2021 recap: How the pandemic prompted the ‘right to repair’ bill

Overview: People spent more time at home, devices were breaking down more than usual, and the ‘right to repair’ bill was born.

In 2012, Massachusetts passed the first right to repair law that required motor vehicle manufacturers to provide the necessary documents to repair their cars. This year, the latest ‘right to repair’ bill reemerged on the scene for various devices — and with crowdfunding and many dissatisfied device users.

  • What is the right to repair bill

  • Who was affected by the lack of device repairs & how

The pandemic made living without a computer harder than ever. Employees were working remotely, kids were going to school via laptop, and grandparents were visiting with their grand kids on screens. And it was harder to get broken devices fixed.

Many big chain stores ceased offering on-site repairs, resulting in many people being forced to send their devices to authorized repair facilities — often waiting weeks for them to be returned.

This resulted in feelings of powerlessness; and  that inconvenience couldn’t be avoided because small repair shops and DIYers couldn’t get the parts or manuals needed to finish the job anyway.

The resulting frustration gave new impulse to at least 39 so-called right-to-repair bills in 25 states in the U.S. and other places around the world. The legislation loosened restrictions on manufacturers’ information and parts and allowed small repair shops and handy device owners to do their own fixing.

What exactly is the right to repair movement

Right to repair is a movement for establishing government legislation intended to allow consumers and businesses to repair and modify their own consumer and commercial devices and equipment. This is in response to the age-old practice of manufacturers requiring the consumer or business to use its offered services.

This movement also advocates and is pushing for companies to provide service manuals so that individuals or any small repair shop has the information needed to perform the repairs.

Right to repair applies to all sorts of devices, including farm equipment, hospital equipment, computers, automobiles and, of course, our beloved computers and phones.

How the pandemic affected device users around the world

Colleen Creer, a 26-year-old customer service rep from Portland, was in a bind at the end of 2020. She’d just lost her in-person job with a major retailer because of a COVID-19 closure and wanted to do the same type of work remotely. One problem: Creer, who has lived on the edge of poverty for years, didn’t have a computer.

Free Geek, a nonprofit organization in Portland, salvages broken laptops, tablets and desktops, fixes them, and provides them at low or no-cost to people who can’t afford new ones. But while the pandemic heightened the demand for Free Geek’s repaired computers, corporate policies preventing easy access to parts, manuals and equipment made it harder for the nonprofit to complete its mission.

In Maryland, some Marylanders called it the “just let us fix our stuff” bill. And it’s wasn’t just about saving money and being able to get the job done; consumer groups also contended that repairing devices was more environmentally friendly than throwing them away.

Sure, many states have opened back up, but we can’t forget the affects of the pandemic on all of us. Hopefully, we can be better prepared moving forward for something like this. In the meantime, drop by one of our locations and fix that broken phone, computer, or other device!


4 awesome tech gifts to make summer that much funner

Take a peek at some great tech gifts that could spruce up any phone and other device for the summer season.

  • Chromebooks

  • Phone grips

  • Tech protection

  • Repair services

Technology is a beautiful thing and so summer, that’s why finding the best tech gift for summer should be top priority! We’re not denying that beach bonfires and music shows are nice, but decking out your phone or laptop is also pretty cool.

Even though last year was kind of a bust for the summer (for various reasons), we want to make this year count… tech style! Let’s take a look at some of our personal favorite summer-friendly tech gifts.

Protect the Tech

Windows? Mac? No, chromebook. There is no denying that summer is the time for grabbing your PC, heading to a coffee shop, and going online, streaming some video, or creating the occasional Google Doc. That’s what a Chromebook is here to do.

A Chromebook is a great tech gift for the summer because they are inexpensive alternatives to the more expensive name brand personal computers on the market. Plus, there are so many varieties on the market, too. Browse the different options and change the wallpaper to the best beach in Southern California, a photo of a vacation destination, or something else!


Tech products can look and feel generic until we put our stamp on them, and phone grip accessories are a great way to add personality to a boring phone or case while giving your mom a more secure and comfortable grip on your device. And, guess what else that means… no more fatal phone drops! Super convenient if you’re relaxing near the pool or walking along the ocean, got your hands full of pretzels, cotton candy, and stuff animals, or going for a run.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fun phone grips in all kinds of materials, colors, and patterns floating around the internet… literally. No matter what your mom likes, you’re sure to find a style that will match the summer vibes.

In addition to looking nice and making it easier for everyone to hold their phones comfortably, a phone grip could also double as a kickstand for watching videos or sharing photos with others.

Protect the Tech

How about protecting something that someone already has? You can give the gift of tech protection such as a new laptop case or phone case.

Similar to the grip accessory, device protector cases come in an assortment of patterns and colors. You can even combine style with convenience these days with a device case that holds multiple things like sunglasses or credit cards. Find one with a pattern or photo that represents summer to get  more into the summer spirit.

Repair or Replace

The ultimate tech gift not only for summer, but for all seasons, is the gift of device repair or replacement service (it’s as practical as things get). Going to the device repair shop migh not be high on some people’s list of fun summer things to do. But, if you surprise someone by taking the device in and getting it repaired or replaced.

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The best place to go for a laptop screen repair during the pandemic

phone repair shop near you phone repair shop near you

Minimize your pandemic-induced tech-stress by finding the best laptop screen repair shops 

With students attending virtual school, more people working from home, and online activities increasing, making sure you have a reliable laptop repair shop during these times is as critical as having the device itself.

 The reality is that laptop screen repairs are one of the most popular requests people make during the pandemic. Aside from cellphones, people are using their laptop to do a lot of things digitally, from online shopping to paying bills to making appointments (the list goes on, seriously).

 Although we still love our Chromebooks (we repaired about 450 of them past last month for the local school district!), we also understand the importance that laptops play for many today, too. It seems as if almost everything is being done digitally now (you know this is true when people are buying groceries online and getting them delivered to their doorsteps).

 With more use, however, comes more wear-and-tear on the laptop. What do you do when your laptop screen is broken or damaged?

Minimize your pandemic-induced tech-stress by finding the best laptop screen repair shops 

If you’re an advocate of DIYing, you could attempt to repair your laptop at home like these guys recommend. After finding the right screen, getting the right tools, removing the power sources, stickers, screws, bezels, LCDs — well, let’s stop right there. What if you’re not a DIYer?

 Clearly, attempting to repair your laptop on your own isn’t the easiest. The solution is easy: You could find a dependable, affordable, and quick repair shop to get the job done. (Save yourself the stress of adding more damage to what’s already been damaged.)

We don’t recommend just any device repair shop, though. You want a repair shop with credibility… a shop that is known for its affordable prices, accurate repairs, and convenient turnaround times.

 At Right There Repair, here’s something to think about: Once we get the part in for your repair, your laptop can get repaired that same day. We’re not kidding!

 A laptop screen repair can typically be repaired within 3-5 business days from the initial inquiry. And what’s even better is that we offer a 90-day limited warranty on parts installed to repair your device. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects of an added element that affects the laptop’s original functionality.

 The next time your laptop is damaged and in need of a repair, don’t stress about what to do or where to go. Stop by any of the three Right There Repair shops and we’ll take it from there!


Right There Repair was founded by three tech-heads with a shared entrepreneurial dream of owning their own device repair business. The business is currently owned and operated by two of the founders who continue to provide the same quality service to its three California shops in Jurupa Valley, Perris, and Moreno Valley. The shops serve iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, and computers with technical excellence and impeccable customer service. Come visit the team for quick and convenient device repair services today!

Phone Repair Shop

Right There Repair: Looking for a phone repair shop near you? We won’t say we’re the best, but we can show you

phone repair shop near you phone repair shop near you

TL;DR: We specialize in fixing broken phones, laptops, and other devices. Did we mention we also have a 1-day turnaround? Bring in your broken device and we’ll repair it within 24 hours!

The History of the Traveling Van-Turned-Workshop

With Right There Repair, we wouldn’t say we’re the new kids in town — we’re probably the old new kids in town. But we’re still just as excited about our services now as we were almost 6 years ago when we first started Right There Repair!

Between the team, there was a unique, collaborative passion for troubleshooting device issues with the desire to provide outstanding customer service. That’s one of the main reasons we decided to make repairs wherever our customers were. With a traveling van-turned-workshop device repair business, we made our repair shop easily accessible.

See, while van-turned-workshop might sound a bit much, the concept proved effective! With a traveling repair shop, we could meet the customers wherever it was most convenient for them — whether it be at their homes, in coffee shops, even acting as ‘roadside assistance’ for phones, if need be. In the van, we had access to every tool that we needed to create a functional workspace so we can assist clients wherever they were. And this concept of mobile repairs sparked our choice in names, Right There Repair, because we’re right where you need us, right when you need us.

From Mobile to Stationary — Not Once, Not Twice, but Three Times!

The name Right There Repair would soon spearhead what would be multiple Right There Repair shops throughout the Inland Empire! While the trendy vanlife approach to iPhone repair and other device repair services was effective and received a lot of support from customers, our trio began to receive inquiries about some who were interested in a physical Right There Repair location. As a result, the team found it necessary to invest in a physical shop for customers to visit — something tangible, grounded, and worthy of popping up on a big search engine like Google.

With the success of the mobile service, we moved into two locations — one shop in Jurupa Valley and the second in Perris. No wheels, no filling up the tank! Just a device repair shop with windows, a roof, and neighboring businesses to support! This move from traveling to stationary improved the team’s efficiency by allowing us to assist more clients in a single day than what was previously possible with the van.

In-Store or Remotely, Right There Repair Is Ready to Fix Your Device

Today, Right There Repair has a total of 3 locations, with the newest shop being located in Moreno Valley. We’re excited to fix damaged iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices with technical excellence, expertise, and impeccable customer service. Come visit any of our shops for quick and convenient device repair services today!

We also are happy to offer B2B mobile device repair services. For businesses who need the convenience of a service that comes to you, we also offer our mobile B2B service with no extra travel service fee so your employees can get their devices fixed no matter where your office is located! We’re happy to serve the Inland Empire…one damaged-to-repaired device at a time!


We’re a device repair shop that services iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and more. From cracked screens to broken charge ports, we’ve got your device covered, no matter what it is. Schedule an appointment or stop by for a quick walk-in repair!


Right There Repair announces grand opening for third device repair shop located in Moreno Valley

From mobile workshop to two brick-and-mortar stores, the successful and trendy device repair shop, Right There Repair, has recently expanded into the city of Moreno Valley, a dynamic community located in the Inland Empire of Southern California

Inland Empire, Calif., November 2020 — What began as a traveling workshop for device service shop, Right There Repair, has now turned into the grand opening of the company’s third device repair shop in Moreno Valley. The concept of mobile repairs sparked the company name, with the founders having the competitive advantage of being able to make repairs wherever their customers were, whether that would mean meeting at customers’ homes or in coffee shops to repair their devices.

With the Right There Repair business established and thriving, the company founders made it their aim to continue to repair devices with a one-day turnaround for an additional competitive edge. And it worked! With clients consistently describing the company as “fast,” “friendly,” and “great,” Right There Repair experienced substantial success from their mobile repair service and soon found it necessary to establish a physical, stable location for locals who wanted the presence of a tangible device repair shop. With two locations in Jurupa Valley and Perris, the company has now set up a third device repair service in Moreno Valley. “Having a physical location improves the team’s efficiency,” the website explains. “It allows us to assist far more clients in a single day than what was previously possible [in the van].”

In its soft opening, the Moreno Valley Right There Repair shop (along with the other two locations in Jurupa and Perris) presented several special offers as a token of appreciation for all who have supported the company from the mobile days up until now. The company offered a $5 discount from any iPhone case, a free tempered glass screen protector with any repair, in addition to discounted repair services for iPhones ranging in model 6 to 11. “We’re committed to high-quality, same-day repair so you can return to the connection you need,” the website says. “From a cracked screen to a broken charge port, we’ve got you covered.”

Located off Alessandro Boulevard in Suite H, this recent addition to the Right There Repair family will serve residences of Moreno Valley with the same high-quality, fast, and personalized service that the two other locations offer. “Our services are the same,” says the founders. “We repair iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, and computers with technical excellence and impeccable customer service.” The company prides itself on: being able to repair almost any electronic device; carrying all the newest accessories that go hand-in-hand with the latest gadgets at the most competitive prices; providing services to enhance home, office, or business security; offering help with the overall electronic experience.

The Right There Repair team invites MoVal residences to stop by the newest location for quick and convenient device repair services, or just to say hello. But this invitation isn’t limited to only those who reside in Moreno Valley. Anyone who is interested in showing their support to the newly-expanded MoVal shop is invited to drive by and show their support. The company accepts scheduled appointments and walk-ins!


Device repairs: 3 benefits of going to a repair shop vs. a manufacturer

Let’s consider 3 reasons that you should go to a repair shop instead of a manufacturer when trying to fix a broken phone or other device.

 The benefits of using a repair shop over a manufacturer when repairing your broken device are simple: time, “flexible” repairs, and price. Before we address these reasons, imagine some scenarios that would make you seek out a repair shop or manufacturer: 

  1. You need to use your iPhone to make an important business call later, but the screen just cracked;

  2. Your tablet was fine last night, but suddenly the home screen isn’t working this morning (jabbing at the black screen of your phone is only adding to your frustration);

  3. Water accidentally spilled on your smartphone and now it’s suffering water damage while you suffer a panic attack.

 What do you do? Imagining these scenarios might not be too hard; most device users have likely experienced phone damage similar to any of these at some point in their device-using lives.

 The reality is that purchasing a device such as a phone is a financial investment in itself. While it’s a convenient investment, it could also sometimes be a hindrance if we rely on it for most of our day-to-day support and it stops functioning properly.

 Especially is the case when you find yourself trying to use a phone or other device that’s broken, cracked, or damaged in some way. Should you take your broken phone or device to a manufacturer or a device repair shop?

The answer is in the convenience: Time, "flexible" repairs, and price

Time plays a huge role in determining whether you should use a repair shop or a manufacturer. Have you ever walked by an Apple store and seen it empty? Short lines at an Apple store are like short players in basketball — yes, but probably on rare occasions. 

Those Apple lines are long because the manufacturer is trusted. While this isn’t a bad thing, it also means that the amount of time it’ll take to get your device repaired is likely longer. If you have a meeting tomorrow morning and a broken device this afternoon, consider searching for a device repair shop nearby.

 Most repair shops offer same-day repair solutions with the option to either schedule an appointment or walk in! What’s even better is that the goal of repair shops isn’t to get your device in and out with no results. The goal is to get your device in, fix the issue, and get it out promptly.

Flexibility is another benefit of going to a repair shop. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into an Apple store and have all of your devices repaired, no matter what type of device? A repair shop doesn’t discriminate. But that’s not what Apple is here to do.

 Many repair shops service all appliances, though, no matter their make or model. Repair shops are likewise eager and competent to fix a problem that a manufacturer might deem as “unrepairable.” Talk about being flexible! Many repair shops are prepared to service all devices, not just Apple devices or only PCs.

Pricing should always be considered when making decisions. In this case, a repair shop is likely more affordable than going to a manufacturer. Think about this: If your car needs maintenance, taking it to the dealership would be more expensive than a mechanic. This is similar to devices, too.

 The manufacturer charges more because you’re paying for the entire company — the people who are hired to work on your specific device, their labor, the “guaranteed” competence, and the like. The “name” represents a multi-million dollar corporation, so the manufacturer goes to great lengths to make sure their service is consistent and reliable. But, you could get that same consistent and reliability at a repair shop, for cheaper.

phone repair services

We fix all devices! Don't see your phone listed?

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iPhone Screen Repair

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iPhone Screen Repair

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