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Fixing a broken phone during the pandemic: Working from home, breaking devices, and paying attention to even the smallest repairs

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Electronic devices take on such precedent roles in our lives that even the smallest issues could justify the biggest frustrations and anxieties, but we’ve got solutions to fix your broken device even during Coronavirus lockdowns.

In short: Yes, you can fix a broken phone during the pandemic, along with other devices you’re using. We love our e-devices and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, they do things for us from finding answers to our silliest questions within milliseconds to helping us stay informed on current events. However, with this over-year-long pandemic forcing people to use devices more than usual at home, users are concerned about how to get their devices repaired during a lockdown. However, you know we’ve got solutions.

Devices break all the time and a pandemic definitely won’t stop that. In fact, a pandemic might prompt an increase in broken devices with how much people are using them at home without a maintenance person running routine checks on them. Thankfully, some repair shops are available to help — no matter how big, small, easy, or complex the repair.

The Importance of Technology and E-devices During a Lockdown

In the second section of this article (“Harnessing Technology for Positive Coping”), a focus is placed on the usefulness of “high quality social interactions, social support and social connectedness [sic]” such as videoconferencing to combat feelings of depression and loneliness that might naturally occur during a period of isolation.

The article further explains: “There are also a plethora of mobile apps related to health and fitness focussing [sic] on meditation, exercise, nutrition and so on.” So, what can device repair shops do to support your technological health? Moreover, what are we doing or providing to make sure your e-devices are taken care of as the pandemic continues?

Repairing Your Devices Safely and Without Hesitation

We admit: This pandemic caught every last one of us off-guard. Businesses went from “open” to “closed for good” within months — some, even weeks. The emphasis for those who remained open to follow COVID-19 protocol with social distancing and masks quickly differentiated “good” businesses from the not-so good. No hand sanitizer? People took their business elsewhere. Employees aren’t wearing masks? We’ll support a business where they actually care about the health and safety of those around them.

The reality of this pandemic is that people don’t want to give up services they deem necessary, but they also are willing to take that risk if businesses aren’t following the guidelines instituted by the CDC. As a business that’s open during the pandemic, we want you to know that we’re taking the wellbeing of you and our team members serious and are implementing the necessary precautions to make sure you, us, and your devices that we’re repairing are being handled with the utmost attention to detail, both from a technological and sanitary standpoint.

Yes, we’re still repairing your devices because we love what we do but also because we know how much you need your devices repaired during these times. Yes, we’re social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, cleaning surfaces throughout our shops with each new device, and washing and sanitizing our hands accordingly. Will you have natural concerns? We’re sure you will. However, our goal is to ensure that we’re doing our part to provide you with the best services that we possibly can.

We’re here for businesses, employees, and work devices when your employees depend on the integrity of their devices the most. So for all other device repair concerns — school-related, social use, and more — we’re here to fix the problem, reduce the stress, and support your device endeavors! Contact Right There Repair and get your device fixed sooner rather than never.